PPP Removal: Don’t Try It At Home

Pearly penile papules, known medically as hirsutis papillaris genitalis and colloquially as PPP, are a condition in which small bumps ring the head of the penis. PPP can be mistaken for a sexually transmitted disease, but it is merely a superficial condition with no symptoms beyond the aesthetic. Despite this, many men with the condition are bothered by it and wish to have the papules removed.

PPP Treatment

PPP Treatment in San Diego

Men are often too embarrassed to consult their doctor or dermatologist about PPP, which leads to them to try home remedies found online. While it may be tempting to try a home remedy in order to avoid embarrassment, this can be dangerous and is highly advised against. Some home remedies may be harmless and may even lessen the appearance of the papules, but many are not so harmless. Home remedies may include use of corrosive substances or home surgery, which is extremely dangerous and can lead to genital mutilation and impaired sexual function.

PPP treatment in San Diego by a board-certified, expert dermatologist, on the other hand, is both safe and guaranteed effective. Dr. William Groff at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology is an expert in the field of pearly penile papules, and he recommends treatment by CO2 laser as the safest and most effective treatment available.

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CO2 laser as performed by an experienced dermatologist vaporizes individual papules for a smoother, better looking penis. There is minimal recovery time involved, and the procedure is not painful due to a local anesthetic being applied before the procedure starts. A CO2 laser treatment is a much safer method than a home surgery, and is much more effective than a home remedy involving an ointment or cream. It’s a much better idea to suffer temporary embarrassment at the doctor in order to receive a safe treatment that actually works than to attempt a home remedy that at its best will soften but not eliminate papules and at its worst will lead to mutilation or impotence.

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